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After a directorial career of serving up torture porn and queasy thrillers, Eli Roth switches to something palatable with the pre-teen crowd, that includes magic, monsters and macabre puppets . Which, combined with rotund presence of Jack Black plus the fact it’s based on a kids’ novel (by John Bellairs), suggests The House With A Clock In Its Walls could be little more than a Goosebumps doppelgänger.

While the similarities take time and effort to deny, Roth’s handle child-friendly creep-outs carries a different texture. Concerning an orphaned boy (Vaccaro) entering a bizarre world of both wonder and violent threat, it's an Amblin property both literally plus spirit (the flying-bike logo for Spielberg’s beloved production house notably appears in their original ’80s form). Where Goosebumps assaulted us with digitally conjured creatures, The House… is made on solidly practical foundations, delivering its visual joys via an appealingly baroque production design and couching its narrative in remarkable set-builds as opposed to greenscreen backdrops. Aside from a number of obligatory CG creatures (sticky puke-spewing pumpkin heads, a winged-lion leaf-beast), it advantages from an appealing tangibility too frequently absent from modern day family adventures.

Domhnall Gleeson is on brittle-accented, reined-in form as Faraday, the young doctor who requires a post inside the small town where he once was raised. Nearby is Hundreds Hall, and Faraday is referred to as to the estate to analyze housemaid Betty (Liv Hill), who's apparently experienced ghostly goings-on. But it’s badly burned war veteran Roderick Ayers (Poulter) with the exceptional sister Caroline (Wilson) who catch his attention. Faraday treats Roderick’s wounds and befriends the lonely Caroline, making himself indispensable. Still, because son of an former servant, he wonders if he'll he ever belong one of several gentry.

It’s a testament for the fact this sixth installment inside Mission: Impossible franchise is definitely tearing along in a sprint, blasting derived from one of ridiculous action sequence to your next. There’s the vehicle chases, the motorcycle chases, the auto-on-motorcycle chases fantasy movies onlien . There’s the foot chase, filled with Cruise leaping from rooftop to rooftop. There’s the completely bananas helicopter chase. Fallout never stops. Even its spy thriller dialogue gets a chase scene, by which one character attempts to trap another in logic that could lead to still more chases.

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Black’s efforts to create something new for the franchise are admirable, and even though the new super-sized Predator doesn’t feel all of that different looking at the predecessors, he and co-writer Fred Dekker think of some clever solutions to introduce new elements towards the franchise’s lore and twist existing elements - both narrative and physical watch free movies , when it comes for the aliens’ tech - in unexpected ways. The signature force fields and cloaking technology utilized by the Predators in past installments in the franchise, by way of example, are being used in some memorably creative ways in The Predator that produce the old feel new again.

As the film’s male lead, Holbrook joins original Predator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator 2‘s Danny Glover, and Predators star Adrien Brody because latest tough guy to fight the Predator, but never quite carves out their own niche inside the series. Where Schwarzenegger’s character was equally the classic ’80s Hollywood tough guy archetype, Glover was the eternally outclassed, reluctant hero, and Brody played a compelling lone wolf, Holbrook is only a guy having a never-ending method of getting guns - only distinct in the rest from the cast on account of his screen time.

Watching these characters inside their unconventional life together (neither mould to having steady jobs and they’ll often spend their days glamorously emptying their boat’s facilities) is lightly engaging but, in the end, we’re still having the feeling we still don’t actually know them that well. As a result, Anchor And Hope never quite seems to pack the punch it strives to.There are moments in the event the more thoughtful, character-driven movie Night School may have been peek-throughs; a simply too late reveal that Teddy has learning disabilities is undoubtedly an intriguing narrative swerve that’s frustratingly played for affordable laughs, along with the closing messages to be honest with one’s self and redeeming past mistakes, while worthwhile, feel unearned. It’s suggestive of a film that, like Teddy himself, takes one a great number of shortcuts.

The on-demand streaming service stopped its customers from posting reviews on shows and films at the end of a few weeks ago, and has now now followed up by removing 10 years’ price of review data by reviewing the servers. The opinions and comments reportedly had no impact on how Netflix’s algorithms recommended content to its users.

On its help pages, a query regarding how to add your opinions about a particular show or movie has become met with this particular response: “You still can't post reviews on Netflix watch science fiction movies . Netflix customers could leave reviews on until mid-2018, when reviews were removed because of declining use.”

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No under six writers have already been credited using the screenplay, that has Hart’s Teddy Walker searching for night school to have his General Equivalency Diploma after accidentally residence his workplace, even while keeping it a secret from his rich fiancée Lisa (a wasted Megalyn Echikunwoke) wathc tv online . The sequence through which we meet his fellow classmates - including a frustrated but “blessed” mum (Mary Lynn Rajskub), a form prison inmate (Fat Joe), plus a Mexican immigrant who wants being both a singer along with a dental hygienist (Al Madrigal, definitely the funniest in the group) - is one with the film’s highlights. But in its haste to present each of these misfits a mini-arc, the characters all appear as one-note.

Echoing how each on the women will feel kept in their relationship, much from the film comes about in cramped spaces; the pair’s cluttered canal boat, a cramped flat, Eva’s mother’s garden that's full to your brim with overgrown plants. However, cinematographer Dagmar Weaver-Madsen means that each frame is lit warmly, specially in their home, effectively highlighting the contentedness of these living situation although it might not what you need. Much like how their love struggles to conquer their polarised visions with regards to future.

Eventually it comes down undone a smidge, perhaps buckling under its very own weight as Chris Hemsworth is parachuted in provide a third act which reflects the changing times, but has got the film going for a slightly awkward left-turn. And as fun as Hemsworth is, his guy just isn’t as complex since the rest with the gang, who feel fresh, and layered, and new. As he arrives, the noir makes means for something quite different. Transcending its roots, El Royale emerges as its thing; it’s simply that by the end, may possibly not be 100 per-cent sure what that thing is.

Set as soon as the events of Predator and 1990’s Predator 2 (and maybe after 2010’s Predators, though it isn’t directly referenced) tv shows online , The Predator casts Boyd Holbrook (Logan) for an Army sniper who finds himself distracted by the Predators’ latest safari when he accidentally discovers one of these crashed ships. Believed insane by his commanding officers, he recruits a gaggle of fellow military castoffs of questionable sanity to help you him stop the alien hunters.

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The Nevada/California state line runs all the way through the building, which can be decorated accordingly - it’s an accommodation of two halves, which informs you what Goddard is certainly going for using the guests, all boasting conflicting natures and fractured morality. And in early stages , Sullivan discovers your accommodation houses tricks of its own, a low profile tunnel allowing visual having access to the rooms via one-way mirrors. Here Goddard and cinematographer Seamus McGarvey stage a tour de force tracking shot, an agog Sullivan peering in around the guests since they go about their shady business. The sequence is usually a gem, including because it is soundtracked by Erivo singlehandedly dealing with The Isley Brothers. We haven’t seen a scene such as this before. It is utterly entrancing - simultaneously shocking and vulnerable.

1969 was the finish of the dream in America - the dreamers, the truth is, ended up being assassinated, Nixon what food was in charge, and Charles Manson’s acolytes were about the rampage, the endless summer of love substituted for disillusion, mistrust and fear. Goddard takes shots in the abuse of power, using El Royale’s more nefarious residents to bolster these larger issues, while dark forces control things in the shadows. Such timely commentary resonates, even though film possibly represents a little more laptop or computer can chew with this particular. Or maybe it really doesn’t chew on it enough.

It’s a universal truth we now have certain questions you will need to ask at the start of a relationship to exercise whether you’re compatible. Arguably the key of those is: would you like children? But, given its capability to enact romantic ruin and for that reason provide drama with the bucketload, nobody in movies ever usually check before falling head over heels.

Spanish filmmaker Carlos Marques-Marcet and co-writer Jules Nurrish play up that trope in Anchor And Hope, while simultaneously attempting to upend it by centring the film on the lesbian couple named Kat (Natalia Tena) and Eva (Oona Chaplin), whose different attitudes towards potential parenthood become heightened whenever a friend they inspired to act as their sperm donor becomes increasingly involved with their lives.

It doesn’t help that Night School is content to waste screen time on unfunny, meaningless set pieces watch prime video channel . While Hart has become able to offset poor material before, his shtick has rarely been more tiresome laptop or computer is here. Haddish fares somewhat better because teacher who would rather spar - both verbally and physically - together with her students, but she’s hamstrung insurance firms to play it straight for the majority in the movie.

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Case Keenum couldn't wait to get out of Minnesota.


No , he's not bitter over the Vikings' decision to move on to Kirk Cousins.

And he isn't gloating over being "the man " for the first time in his NFL career after signing a two-year, $36 million deal last month in Denver.

He's just glad to see some sunshine, that's all.

Before coming to Colorado for the Broncos' offseason program, Keenum made a stop in Minneapolis to accept the "Uncommon Award" from Tony Dungy at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska on Friday.

The only downer was the blizzard that struck the nation's midsection.

"It dumped like 25 inches on us," Keenum said. "So, I was ready to get out of there and get to Denver and the sunshine."

Keenum is entering the season as the starter for the first time in his six-year career after coach Vance Joseph declared him the Broncos' No. 1 QB at the free agent's introductory news conference a month ago.

Yet, Keenum's role beyond 2018 remains up in the mile-high air because general manager John Elway could still use the fifth overall pick in next week's NFL draft to select a quarterback.

Elway and his lieutenants have taken long, hard looks at this year's college crop of QBs Adidas Derick Brassard Jersey , including the "Big Four " prospects. They hosted Baker Mayfield on Monday but Keenum said he hadn't run into him.

Keenum also insists he isn't concerned that he'll soon be tutoring his successor should Elway choose a quarterback.

"I'm excited for whoever's going to come in and make us better," Keenum said. "That's what competition breeds within your own team. I think it makes you better. So, whoever comes in I'll be looking for them to help us be a better football team. No matter what position it is. I know they're going to draft a lot of positions. It doesn't change my mindset at all."

Yet, non-QB blue chippers such as Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, North Carolina State defensive end Bradley Chubb or Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson would provide immediate help for Keenum this season and maybe even stability for his future.

Von Miller has said he'd love to have Chubb lining up next to him.

"He's Khalil Mack and Von Miller put together," Miller said with a laugh. "He is a great player and I would love to have him on my team. You don't come across guys like that often. We don't (normally) have the No. 5 pick in the draft. I hope we don't have a high pick like that for a while. So if we can steal a player like that, I'm all for it."

When Keenum reported to work Monday, it marked the first time he'd been the unquestioned starting quarterback since his final days at the University of Houston Devan Dubnyk Jersey , where he set NCAA passing records but still went undrafted before compiling a 20-18 record with the Vikings, Rams and Texans.

"It feels good, it does," Keenum said. "It's not something where I feel like I've made it. That's not ever my mentality. I'm going to stay hungry.

"Nothing's ever been handed to me. I've earned that right, and I'm going to continue to earn that right being in this building, in the weight room, meeting room, practice field and then on game day."

The Broncos' anemic offense was a big reason for their slide to 5-11 last season Daniel Winnik Jersey , just two years after they won the Super Bowl, and Elway's makeover includes the arrival of right tackle Jared Veldheer and the departure of running back C.J. Anderson on Monday.

Anderson could have provided a valuable sounding board to Keenum much like he did with Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler and Trevor Siemian.

"It doesn't change me and my mindset and what I'm prepared to do here and what I want to do here, what I feel like I need to do," Keenum said. "I know that NFL teams change constantly. So, I'm here right now, just trying to get into the building and just become familiar with everything."

For now, the Broncos' quarterback room also includes holdovers Paxton Lynch Authentic Martin Fehervary Jersey , a first-rounder in 2016 who so far has flopped, and Chad Kelly, last year's Mr. Irrelevant who spent his rookie season on IR.

Keenum said his interactions with Lynch and Kelly have been good so far.

"We've got a great quarterback room, and I appreciate that because I've been in some other quarterback rooms that haven't been," Keenum said.

Three reasons for optimism about Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin.

The Dolphins hope G Josh Sitton‘s experience rubs off on T Laremy Tunsil.

Which Patriots players have the most on the line at training camp?

A look at Jets position battles.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson was named the ACC’s top male athlete for the last school year.

A Peter Warrick punt return lands at No. 3 on a list of best Bengals moments from the last 30 years.

Browns S Jabrill Peppers has a broader perspective heading into his second season.

The 1970s Steelers are part of the background of a forthcoming Scarlett Johannsson film.

Texans DE J.J. Watt flexed to show his support for the USO.

What questions do the Colts have to answer at center?

Reminiscing with former Jaguars QB David Garrard.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota‘s jersey has sold well.

Broncos rookies Bradley Chubb and Courtland Sutton scored well in Madden ratings.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is doing some acting.

A breakdown of the Chargers offensive line from the guy who will be coaching them.

A young artist recently painted a mural of late Raiders owner Al Davis.

Will the Cowboys’ bet on DE DeMarcus Lawrence pay off?

An attempt to predict the size of Giants S Landon Collins‘ contract extension.

How much does Eagles T Jason Peters have left?

Seven things to know about Washington CB Orlando Scandrick.

Bears WR Anthony Miller isn’t happy about his Madden rating.

C Graham Glasgow will play a pivotal role for the Lions.

A look at what makes Packers WR Davante Adams “sudden.”

Two Vikings players have additions to their families on the way.

The Falcons have three promising pass rushers on their defense.

A look at possible upgrades the Panthers could make to their stadium.

Saints S Marcus Williams made many good plays and an infamous one in his rookie season.

There’s plenty of room for Buccaneers rookies to prove themselves.

Cardinals WR Jalen Tolliver has followed in his brother’s footsteps.

What’s the toughest stretch of schedule for the Rams?

The 49ers will have their Salute to Service game in Week 10.

Will former Seahawks S Kam Chancellor move into coaching?

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Commissioner Rob Manfred says Major League Baseball is trying to remove from the internet the leaked video of former Mets manager Terry Collins ranting at umpires.


The profanity-laced video surfaced this week from a Dodgers-Mets game in May 2016 that Fox televised. Collins fumes after ace Noah Syndergaard is ejected in the third inning for throwing a fastball behind Chase Utley. In the 2015 playoffs Authentic Mason Cole Jersey , Utley broke the leg of Mets infielder Ruben Tejada with a late, hard slide.

Umpire crew chief Tom Hallion is heard explaining the ejection to Syndergaard, Neil Walker and other Mets, then he breaks away to head off Collins. For many fans, the loud exchange between Collins and Hallion illuminated what actually gets said during heated disputes.

”We made a commitment to the umpires that if they would wear microphones, certain types of interactions that we all know go on the field would not be aired publicly,” Manfred said Thursday after the owners meetings ended.

”We promised them that. It’s in the collective bargaining agreement. We had no choice in a situation like that then to do everything possible to live up to our agreement. It is Labor Relations 101. To not do that is the kind of breach of trust that puts you in a bad spot over the long haul,” he said.

Manfred said there was conversation this week about how defensive shifts have affected the game. Batting averages are dropping, among other developments, and Manfred said MLB’s Competition Committee wanted to see ”whether it’s time for us to manage these trends a little more aggressively.”

A change that could occur as soon as next season: teams playing a two-game series on the weekend.

Normally, clubs meet for three games over the weekend. But in the case where marquee teams play just twice – say, Nationals-Yankees – those might be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Manfred said baseball was pleased with the pace of play. Games this year were averaging 2 hours, 59 minutes Ryan Kalil Jersey , 49 seconds through Wednesday; last year, they averaged 3:05:11.

Mound visits by catchers, coaches, managers and other teammates for nonpitching changes are down, too, from 7.41 last year to an average of 3.92 this season.

Manfred said the owners had a long discussion about the ”sports betting landscape” after Delaware and New Jersey began legal betting on games.

As for the never-ending debate on the designated hitter and whether the National League would ever switch to the DH, Manfred said: ”I think that is a continuing source of conversation among the ownership group and I think that the dialogue actually probably moved a little bit.”

Damon Harrison isn't a big fan of change, so it might be a little surprising the massive defensive tackle is enjoying playing in the New York Giants' new 3-4 scheme.


Harrison is having fun playing in the middle of the line flanked by second-year pro Dalvin Tomlinson and third-round draft pick B.J. Hill.

While there are fewer linemen in the formation, players say the defense is much more aggressive than the old 4-3 scheme. The linemen have gone from playing a two-gap responsibility to attacking one-gap.

"It just takes me back to my first years in the league," the 29-year-old Harrison said Wednesday before practice. "It's kind of like a Rex Ryan-type defense. It's a lot of attacking, it's not sitting around waiting, trying to read and see the other guys on the offense are doing - it's playing defense with an offensive mentality."

In the formation, Harrison tends to shade on either side of the center Mark Andrews Jersey , while Tomlinson and Hill pick a gap between the guard and tackle.

What also makes James Bettcher's defense interesting is the linemen also can rotate, so are not going up against the same opponent each play.

When the linebackers and defensive backs join the rush, it adds to the confusion.

While the Giants (3-13) struggled last season, Harrison was again outstanding. He has started every game for five straights seasons, including the last two with the Giants. He finished with 76 tackles, second on the team, and he is clearly one of the leaders on defense, even though he shies away from calling himself a leader.

Besides learning a new defense, Harrison said he is learning about a new coaching staff and a lot of new players, led by linebackers Kareem Martin, Alec Ogletree and Connor Barwin along with Hill and veteran tackle A.J. Francis.

"It's a few holdovers, but other than that, it's new faces Authentic Josh Rosen Jersey ," said Harrison, who is entering his seventh season after starting with the Jets. "Everybody's trying to learn everybody, to figure out what makes that person tick, what makes them go. It's kind of refreshing. I told you in the past, I'm not a guy who likes change, so it's a real difficult time for me."

Tomlinson, who also started every game last season, said he and Harrison talk about the new defense constantly. They don't hesitate to point out mistakes to each other.

"It's different, but it is pretty similar for the most part," Tomlinson said of the schemes. "For the interior guys, we pretty much have the same job. Stop the run and be aggressive."

Tomlinson said the linemen can flip-flop positions on any play, depending on what the offense shows and the defensive alignment.

"We try to disguise everything to almost look the same," Tomlinson said. "When everything looks the same Philipp Grubauer Jersey , you don't know what you are getting from us and what to expect. We can bring someone from anywhere and surprise them every time."

The new defense also has quick forced Harrison to change his style and his look a bit, a hint he might be dropping weight from his 355-pound frame.

"You go to change the body type to be able to do Coach Bettcher is asking of the defensive line, which is to get up the field and attack, and anybody who knows me and likes me, that's not something that's been a strong point in my game," Harrison said. "I can do it. I like to kind of use it as a change up every now."

NOTES: The Giants returned to practice after having a day off. ... S Landon Collins intercepted Eli Manning's pass that seemed to be tipped by linebacker B.J. Goodson in a two-minute drill. ... Third-year pro Kalif Raymond, who had one catch in six games with the Giants last season, has been showing flashes in training camp, including a couple Wednesday.

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The Minnesota Vikings found a new offensive coordinator this winter Authentic Mats Zuccarello Jersey , and they made one of the biggest splashes of the NFL offseason this week by giving quarterback Kirk Cousins a fully guaranteed $84 million contract.


There was one more pressing need: a new defensive tackle to play next to two-time Pro Bowl pick Linval Joseph.

Sheldon Richardson checked the last of those big boxes.

Richardson, the 13th pick in the 2013 draft out of Missouri by the New York Jets who was traded last year to the Seattle Seahawks, signed a one-year contract on Friday after visiting the team's new training facility and deciding the Vikings gave him the best opportunity to chase a championship.

"They're trying to win. Period. Point blank," Richardson said at an introductory news conference, held in the same room roughly 24 hours after Cousins', though with considerably less fanfare and fewer reporters.

He's still filling an important role, given head coach Mike Zimmer's desire for a stronger threat at that spot to both rush the passer and stand up to the run.

"Those guys can affect the quarterback as much as any position, along with our defensive ends, so it obviously takes some double-teams off our guys so they can continue to pressure the quarterback," Zimmer said.

The deal includes an $8 million base salary and as much as $3 million available in incentives, NFL Media reported. A few hours after Richardson's contract was finalized, the Vikings released wide receiver Jarius Wright to make more room under the salary cap.

Richardson played up to his first-round status by winning The Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Then he recorded a career-high eight sacks and was picked for the Pro Bowl in 2014. He had some trouble off the field, though, serving a four-game suspension in 2015 for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. He also was suspended for the 2016 season opener for an arrest in his home state of Missouri for driving at high speeds and resisting arrest.

The Vikings, were satisfied with their extensive vetting of his background and character, general manager Rick Spielman said.

"Then after spending two days with him we felt very confident that him coming into this culture, this locker room Jets Sam Darnold Jersey , that he'll fit right in," Spielman said.

Richardson had only one sack last year for the Seahawks, his first season in a primarily 4-3 scheme after playing in a 3-4 system with the Jets. Zimmer's philosophy doesn't emphasize or maximize individual statistics, focusing more on overall disruption and pressure, so the sack dropoff was not a concern to the Vikings. They saw the high motor he displays and the havoc he can cause on the line during their video review of his performances with the Jets and Seahawks.

"You could see how powerful he is, but you could also see the athletic ability and the speed going from sideline to sideline," Spielman said. "I'm excited to see who's going to get to the ball next year with the athletes we have up front."

The lack of sacks was enough of a concern to Richardson that he apologized during his opening remarks to his agent, Ben Dogra, for making his job of selling him more difficult.

"I got back there a lot, disrupted as coach Zimmer said. Honestly, just not finishing for me, in my book, to my standards," Richardson said. "I'm very effective around the quarterback. I just don't have the advantage of the numbers that people want to see."

With Everson Griffen and Danielle Hunter at defensive end backed up by Brian Robison and Joseph entrenched at the nose tackle spot, the insertion of Richardson at the under tackle, or 3-techinque, position should indeed improve a defense that led the NFL in several key categories last season.

Tom Johnson took over the position last year Authentic Justin Jones Jersey , but he became a free agent. Spielman said Richardson's arrival means Johnson won't return. Shamar Stephen, who has played both tackle spots, also became a free agent and will likely not be back. The position is open because of the knee injury to 2013 first-round draft pick Sharrif Floyd, whose promising career was likely ended by nerve damage. His contract expired this week.

The spot could be vacant again in a year, given the short-term deal that Richardson preferred, but the Vikings are clearly in win-now mode as evidenced by their commitment to Cousins. Richardson had lunch with his fellow new acquisitionon Thursday.

"Humble guy, laid back," Richardson said. "Cool, calm and collected like you want your quarterback."

The Vikings are banking on the opposite from quarterbacks they're facing this year, with Zimmer and defensive line coach Andre Patterson confident they'll be able to maximize Richardson's ability.

"If you put yourself in the right situation with the right team and the right coaches," Spielman said, "there's no reason why he shouldn't be in the Pro Bowl year in and year out."

TORONTO — The Toronto Maple Leafs are a better team than shown by the results of the first two games of the first-round playoff series with the Boston Bruins.

They proved it Monday with a 4-2 victory at the Air Canada Centre in Game 3. They will have a chance Thursday night to even the series at two games each at the ACC.

“We knew we had to be better than we were in the first two games and we came into that game with more motivation, we came in more competitive,” Toronto defenseman Morgan Rielly said Wednesday. “That’s what we felt we had to do as a group. I think we all did that.”

The Bruins won the first two games of the series 5-1 and 7-3 in Boston.

“We knew they were going to be better, and they were,” Bruins defenseman Torey Krug said. “They were out there flying around and making some good plays and pushed us back on our heels. … It felt like it was there for the taking, and it just slipped away. That stuff’s going to happen sometimes.”

Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock felt the score of Game 2 was not a good indication of how his team played.

“I thought Game 1 we were no good Authentic Customized Panthers Jerseys , I thought Game 2 we were way better than the score indicated, to be honest with you,” Babcock said. “I thought we started good in that game and it didn’t go our way, it kind of came unraveled. I thought (Monday) we had a better push. Our goaltender (Frederik Andersen) kind of part way through the game really settled in and got playing the way he’s capable of playing.

“That made a huge difference for us. Obviously, our fans and our building, we had last change, all those things.”

Maple Leafs center Leo Komarov is expected to miss his second straight game Thursday after leaving Game 2 with a lower-body injury. That means center Dominic Moore likely will be in the lineup again.

The Bruins are impressed by the stretch passes used by the Maple Leafs.

“It’s tough,” Boston defenseman Charlie McAvoy said. “We’ve seen it a couple times this series where the D will jump in and next thing you know they’re off to the races. They play that style where they just want to counter so fast with their speed. They want to use their speed at all times. So, you’ve really got to make sure you’re counting five guys all the time and keeping them in front of you because they’ll go for those stretches, those breakaways.”

Said Babcock: “I just think that any time you can transition from defense to offense fast, you have a better chance to have success, for sure. In saying that, the Bruins have done a pretty good job against us and we haven’t had as much success at that as we normally have. The other thing about it is, the harder you come back and defend quickly, the better chance you have to have success in that transition. We have to do a better job in that area if we’re going to continue to have success.”

The Bruins outshot the Maple Leafs 42-30 but their top line of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak, so dominant in the first two games Authentic Jameis Winston Jersey , did not get a point in Game 3.

“I don’t think they’ll be frustrated at all,” Boston coach Bruce Cassidy. “They’ve been through — Pasta not as much, the other two have been through — a lot of playoffs. Sometimes it’s going to go your way. Sometimes it’s not. Pasta had a lot of good looks that he’s going to finish. We saw it in the first two games. Clearly, it’s going to give them motivation. It should. When you keep them off the scoresheet, it’ll be talked about. At the end of the day, I don’t think it’ll bother them one bit.”

Boston’s No. 1 line accounted for 20 points in the first two games before it was blanked Monday.

“I think if you’re those guys, what they’re saying to themselves is they say, ‘We’re going to have a better night.’ Right?” Babcock said. “They’ve shown over a period of time they have lots of good nights. Our job is to make sure they don’t. The other thing that happened in the game is Freddie (Andersen) was real good. Not as much early, but really got his game going. If you look at Game 2, it wasn’t that way. That’s probably the biggest difference of anything.”

Babcock expects the Bruins to bounce back with a strong effort.

“I think this will be the most competitive game so far in this series,” he said. “Obviously, they’re going to be ready to play. Any time you don’t win, you want to bounce back hard. We expect their best game, for sure.”

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It's been several years since Jason Garrett's future as coach of the Dallas Cowboys was a hot topic waiting for owner Jerry Jones at the start of training camp.


Jones doesn't seem too caught up in the issue now despite the Cowboys missing the playoffs for the fifth time in Garrett's seven full seasons last year.

The outspoken billionaire started with a flat "no" when asked if this was a playoffs-or-bust season for one of the backup quarterbacks from the Cowboys' Super Bowl-winning era of the 1990s.

"That's the best answer I can give Authentic Saquon Barkley Jersey ," Jones said in his annual pre-camp news conference the day before Thursday's first practice. "And the fairest."

Among the 11 current NFL coaches with at least seven years of experience, Garrett has the fewest playoff appearances with two. The only coach with fewer than Garrett's one postseason win is Marvin Lewis, who is 0-7 in the playoffs in 15 years with Cincinnati.

Seven of the 10 besides Garrett have won at least one Super Bowl, and two others (Kansas City's Andy Reid when he was in Philadelphia and Carolina's Ron Rivera) have reached the title game. None of those numbers faze the leadership of the Cowboys.

"I think you can always pull up stats on a lot of different things," executive vice president of personnel Stephen Jones said. "We're just big believers that, one, we really like Jason and what he's all about as a leader and as a coach. We've had some really good football teams that he's led."

Garrett's seat was the hottest going into 2014, when Dallas won the NFC East at 12-4 and just the franchise's second playoff game since the last of five Super Bowl titles during the 1995 season.

Before that, the Cowboys finished 8-8 with season-ending losses that kept them out of the postseason in each of the first three full seasons under Garrett. He coached half the 2010 season after Wade Phillips was fired with Dallas at 1-7.

The Cowboys went first to worst at 4-12 in 2015 in large part because of quarterback Tony Romo's twice-broken collarbone.

Then they were the top seed in the NFC a year later despite another Romo injury when Dak Prescott set an NFL rookie record for passer rating and fellow first-year sensation Ezekiel Elliott led the league in rushing.

There was another extenuating circumstance when Dallas missed the playoffs last year: Elliott's six-game suspension over domestic violence allegations halfway through the season. The issue hung over the team all season.

"I think it's as logical as watching my step as I walk off this stage that Jason is better and the right man for this job, even though he didn't get coach of the year last year," Jerry Jones said. "We see better than anybody in the world, Jason. Consequently Authentic Martin Fehervary Jersey , I'm excited about him being our head coach."

Garrett has steadfastly deflected talk about his job security with his "control what you can control" mantra. That's what he did as the last of three straight 8-8 seasons was ending in 2013, and again the next summer.

Then he had a season that earned him a five-year contract, and virtually guaranteed that Garrett would outlast all of Jones' previous hires, including Bill Parcells. Garrett has two years left on that deal.

"I would think that every aspect of what my responsibilities are as head coach, hopefully I've gotten better at those things," Garrett said. "Everyone of us is a work in progress. I put myself at the top of the list as a person, as a coach, in every aspect of my life."

Garrett is now second in tenure to Tom Landry, the franchise's only coach for its first 29 years before Jones bought the Cowboys and hired Jimmy Johnson, a two-time Super Bowl winner.

The 52-year-old Garrett is also second to Landry's 250 regular-season wins with 67. But his .558 winning percentage (67-53) trails Landry, Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey and Phillips.

After missing the playoffs at 9-7 last season Brian Allen Color Rush Jersey , the Cowboys changed much of the coaching staff under Garrett, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. But Jones hasn't indicated that means the next overhaul starts at the top.

"If I may be so bold, I'd say he's a lot better coach today than he was last year or the year before that or the year before that," Jones said in response to the opening question, which didn't have a specific reference to Garrett. "That's the way it works when you are driven and motivated."

Richard Sherman has been cleared to practice for the San Francisco 49ers at the start of training camp.


Sherman joined San Francisco after getting released by rival Seattle following season-ending surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon. He was unable to participate in the offseason program but pronounced himself 100 percent when he reported to camp Wednesday and will take part in the team's first practice Thursday.

Sherman earned a $2 million bonus for passing his physical under a contract he negotiated himself following the injury that ended his season last November. Sherman consulted with former Lakers great Kobe Bryant on what it takes to come back from that kind of injury and always believed he would be ready for the start of camp.

"It was a grind," he said. "But I think it was more like one of those things that you can look at optimistically or pessimistically. You can look at it as, 'Woe is me, why did this happen to me? Why do I have to go through this?' Or you could look at it as, 'I needed another great challenge and I needed another mountain to climb.' That's how I treated it."

Coach Kyle Shanahan said the initial plan for Sherman will be to practice the first two days, take a day off Saturday and then return to the field Sunday. The 49ers will take Monday off and the team will see how Sherman has responded to figure out what's next.

"We trust what he thinks and how he works," Shanahan said. "A lot of it is up to Richard. If he's being too aggressive, it's our job to pull him back. It's a matter of time when he gets back and we want to be smart with that."

Six players will open camp on injured lists Adidas Tyler Seguin Jersey , although most are expected back relatively soon. Guard Jonathan Cooper (knee), receiver Trent Taylor (back) and linebacker Dekoda Watson (calf) are on the physically unable to perform list.

Linebacker Malcolm Smith had a lower leg injury while working out on his own recently and will begin camp on the non-football injury list, along with rookies Marcell Harris and Kentavius Street, who were hurt when they were drafted.

But having a healthy Sherman to start camp is a big boost for a team full of optimism after winning the final five games last season under quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to finish 6-10.

The midseason acquisition of Garoppolo from New England turned around a struggling franchise that had lost 24 of 27 games before he took over as starter late last season.

"I don't think anybody is thinking about last year," Sherman said. "It was a 6-10 team that didn't make the playoffs. The few positives that come from last year, you can appreciate them, but it's still a 6-10 team that was picking in the top 10 in the draft. There's not a lot to celebrate. That's the way to approach it. Guys are hungry, they're excited to go out there and prove this is a great team that can win ballgames."

Sherman talking up the 49ers is an odd change following his years tormenting the franchise when he played for Seattle. He made the deflection that led to an NFC title-clinching interception in January 2014 before trash-talking Michael Crabtree and then memorably celebrated a Thanksgiving night win over the 49ers the following season by eating a turkey leg at midfield at Levi's Stadium.

Now he's mentoring young cornerbacks such as Ahkello Witherspoon, trading tips with Garoppolo, and quickly turning into a locker room leader.

"He's been pretty much the exact opposite of what I thought," veteran left tackle Joe Staley said. "I thought he was going to be annoying like he was annoying to me when he was in a Seahawks uniform but he's been nothing but great."

The 49ers are also hoping Sherman can get back close to his level of play during his prime in Seattle when he was perhaps the game's top shutdown cornerback. He was a first-team All-Pro for three straight seasons starting in 2012, leading the league with eight interceptions in 2013.

Sherman still was one of the better cornerbacks the past three seasons Authentic Evan Bouchard Jersey , ranking second in the NFL by allowing just 49.2 percent of passes against him to be caught, according to Pro Football Focus.

He said he feels re-energized after the injury.

"I'm not saying you get complacent, but you get bored," he said. "It's a routine. You go out there and play 16 games, play at a high level and do your best and you enjoy it, but sometimes when you throw a wrench in the plans kind of helps you. It wakes you up. It reignites the fire. It takes you back to where you need to be."

NOTES: Second-round WR Dante Pettis signed his rookie deal late Wednesday afternoon. ... The 49ers signed OL JP Flynn to a two-year deal and DLs Will Sutton and Cedric Thornton to one-year contracts. DB Don Jones, OL Jamar McGloster and DL Blaine Woodson were waived to make room on the roster.

 Kansas City Chiefs Customized Jerseys 


linchao Oct 9
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The Bengals signed defensive tackle Chris Baker to a one-year deal on Thursday Authentic Conor Sheary Jersey , their first free agent acquisition on defense under new coordinator Teryl Austin.


Baker played with Tampa Bay last season after spending six seasons with Washington and one each with Miami and Denver. The Broncos originally signed him as an undrafted free agent from Hampton.

The ninth-year veteran has started 53 games in the past four seasons. He has 12 career sacks.

He'll get a chance to become part of the Bengals' rotation on the defensive line. The defense finished 18th in the NFL in yards allowed last season under coordinator Paul Guenther, who left for the Raiders after the season. Austin was signed from Detroit.

The Indianapolis Colts have released defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins.


Hankins signed a three-year deal worth $27 million in free agency last season. He made 15 starts and finished with 44 tackles and two sacks.

But with the Colts switching to a 4-3 defense that favors speed , the 320-pound, 26-year-old Hankins apparently no longer fit.

By making the move , the Colts save nearly $8.5 million under the salary cap and now have roughly $75 million to spend in free agency.

Indy also swapped first-round picks with the New York Jets on Saturday, getting two second-round picks this year and another in 2019 in return.

The only player Indy has signed so far is defensive end Denico Autry Leon Draisaitl Jersey , who played last year in Oakland.

 Youth Dallas Cowboys Jerseys 


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— The fastest member of the Kansas City Chiefs was drafted in the fifth round a couple of years ago.


Second-fastest? He went in the sixth last spring.

Now Ondrej Kase Jersey , if defensive back Tremon Smith can perform anything like Tyreek Hill when he steps onto the field for the Chiefs’ preseason opener against Houston on Thursday night, general manager Brett Veach and coach Andy Reid will have hit on something special at a position of tremendous need.

“I’m curious to see how he does in the games,” Reid acknowledged. “He’s a talented kid.”

There are more similarities between Smith and Hill than just their draft stock.

Both were taken from small schools, though their routes there were very different. Smith was an overlooked-if-undervalued quarterback coming out of high school who landed at Central Arkansas because bigger schools were unwilling to give him a chance, while Hill began his career at Oklahoma State before a domestic violence incident landed him at West Alabama.

Both are dynamic special teams players. Smith has turned enough heads in camp that he could be the starting kick returner, while Hill remains one of the top punt returners in the league.

Then there’s that speed — that world-class, can’t-catch-me speed.

The kind that terrifies opposing coaches.

“He’s a cheetah, so we can’t even compare. I stay in my line,” Smith said with a smile and a shake of his dreadlocked head. “Maybe I’m a lion, a lion is pretty fast. Of course it’s not a cheetah but I’m a little heavier. Lion is more dangerous though.”

The numbers bear it out. When Hill was preparing for the 2016 draft, he ran a 4.24-second 40-yard dash at his college pro day. Smith was clocked at 4.38 at his pro day in March.

Either way, that’s some serious speed.

The popular Madden video game even acknowledged Hill’s wheels this year, when it granted him a 98 on its 1-to-100 scale for speed Authentic Byron Maxwell Jersey , making him the league’s fastest player.

“Only 98? I mean, I’m happy being the fastest but I feel like I was supposed to have 100,” Hill said. “Devin Hester had 100 and I’m faster than Devin Hester.”

Speaking of Hester, the longtime Bears special teams dynamo, he’s one of several players Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub has been showing Smith on video. Toub also tutored Hester in Chicago and thinks Smith has the instincts and, yes, top-end speed to have a similar impact.

“Tremon, he’s really coming on as a corner, but we’re also developing him as a kick returner,” Toub said. “The way he catches the ball and gets to the top speed so fast, it’s pretty impressive.”

The Chiefs were taking a flier on Smith by selecting him in the sixth round, clearly reasoning his speed alone made him a worthwhile gamble. But he’s also turned some heads on defense, working his way into the mix with the second team at a position that could be crucial to Kansas City’s success.

The Chiefs are breaking in all new starters at that position Womens Luke Kunin Jersey , and while David Amerson, Kendall Fuller and Steven Nelson are the front-runners, it could be hard to keep Smith off the field.

“I think he’s going to be a really interesting guy there,” defensive coordinator Bob Sutton said.

That shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Smith picked off 15 passes over four years at Central Arkansas, even though teams rarely threw his direction. He also held his own against Power Five schools, picking off a pass against Oklahoma State in 2015 and leading Central Arkansas in tackles against Kansas State — his team’s only loss before the FCS playoffs last season.

Smith acknowledged the adjustment from a small school was tough. He was star struck walking into the locker room and seeing safety Eric Berry for the first time, and the size of the playbook and the nuances that come with an NFL defense represented a whole new world.

No problem, though. Smith is getting up to speed.

As you’d expect, he’s doing it fast.

NOTES: LBs Reggie Ragland (knee) and Anthony Hitchens (hamstring) took part in some of Monday’s practice, working together for the first time in camp. … WR Sammy Watkins left practice early with a hip issue, though the extent of it is unclear. OL Dillon Gordon left with a shoulder injury.

A pair of two-homer performances. A bases-loaded triple, followed by another triple. So many unusual things went into Chicago’s biggest comeback of the season that even the White Sox had trouble keeping track.


No matter. They’ll take it.

Daniel Palka and Avisail Garcia each homered twice, and Yoan Moncada tripled with the bases loaded in the 12th inning as the White Sox pulled off their biggest comeback and beat the Cincinnati Reds 12-8 on Tuesday night.

”Well Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , a lot going on today,” manager Rick Renteria said.

It was a night of non-stop offense, right from the outset.

Trailing 7-2 after five innings, the White Sox pulled even in the ninth on Garcia’s solo homer off Raisel Iglesias, then pulled it out with the help of a couple of Reds errors.

”That last inning was tough,” said Reds second baseman Scooter Gennett, whose error opened the way.

The White Sox loaded the bases with a walk and two errors. Moncada’s opposite-field triple off Jackson Stephens (2-1) broke the tie, and Yolmer Sanchez followed with another triple.

Hector Santiago (3-3) fanned six in two innings as the White Sox extended their domination in the interleague series. They’re 17-5 all-time against the Reds, including 11-3 in Cincinnati.

”Surreal,” said Chicago starter Lucas Giolito, who gave up three homers but wound up on the winning side. ”From my perspective, I didn’t get the job done. It’s an awesome feeling that these guys play hard behind you.”

Jim Riggleman was ejected by plate umpire Eric Cooper during Chicago’s winning rally, his first ejection as the Reds’ interim manager. They had words as Riggleman was signaling from the dugout for an intentional walk.

”Then he made some comment that I didn’t like Youth Rick Leonard Jersey ,” Riggleman said. ”That’s kind of how the whole game went.”

The Reds got the better of a free-swinging game early on, surging ahead 4-0 before Giolito could record an out. Jose Peraza opened with a triple, Gennett hit his 14th homer , Joey Votto walked, and Eugenio Suarez followed with his 17th homer . Suarez performed a salsa dance with Votto after he crossed the plate.

Adam Duvall added a three-run shot into the upper deck in left field in the fifth inning off Giolito for a 7-2 lead, the second time in his career that the right-hander has allowed three homers in a game.

Anthony DeSclafani also gave up a career-high three homers – two by Palka and one by Garcia, who went 3 for 6 and extended his hitting streak to a career-high 13 games.


The White Sox are 4-10 in interleague play this season. The Reds are 7-2. The loss snapped their streak of six straight wins against the AL.


The last time the White Sox and Reds played an extra-inning game was Game 6 of the ”Black Sox” World Series in 1919. Chicago won that game 5-4 in 10 innings at Crosley Field.


Giolito started the Futures Game as part of the All-Star festivities at Great American Ball Park in 2015 and pitched two scoreless innings .


The Reds committed a season-high four errors – two by Suarez at third, one by Peraza at shortstop and one by Gennett at second base.


Sanchez’s triple in the 12th came on a weird play. Right fielder Brandon Dixon stretched above the wall and grabbed the fly ball – robbing Sanchez of a homer – but the glove flipped off his hand as he hit the wall and the ball deflected back onto the field.


White Sox: Jose Abreu was out of the lineup a day after he fouled a pitch off his left ankle. X-rays were negative. Abreu pinch hit in the 11th inning and grounded out.

Reds: Homer Bailey threw 103 pitches in 6 2/3 innings of a rehab appearance for Triple-A Louisville on Tuesday night, giving up one run and seven hits while fanning eight. Bailey has been sidelined since June 2 by a sore right knee.


White Sox: Dylan Covey (3-3) is 0-1 with a 12.71 ERA in his last three starts, walking 12 in 11 1/3 innings and giving up 16 runs.

Reds: Sal Romano (4-8) went 1-2 with a 3.90 ERA in five June starts. He’s been limited to five innings in four of his last six starts. 


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