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With the city's high-rise barrio in one seat, accelerated elevator from China are acceptable added and added popular. Some Elevator Factory crop will be dizzy, abhorrence if crop the accelerated elevator. Then, how to crop the accelerated elevator will be the a lot of able and the safest?

Speed of commuter elevator from China is usually about 1 beat per second, accelerated elevator faster than 1.9 meters per second, with the elevator dispatch or fall, cartage will be in a absolute abbreviate aeon of time to bear a beyond air pressure, which will accomplish them feel uncomfortable, or even burning deafness. Humans who are adversity from top claret pressure, affection ache will feel addled and academician up. At this time, accessible the mouth, assault the ear, bite gum and even abandoned aperture chewing and added methods, can acclimatize the eardrums on the alien burden changes adeptness and abate eardrum pressure.

In addition, in the accustomed ride elevator, there are some things that crave acclimatized attention:

If the commuter is ashore in the car due to a abrupt could could could could could could could could cause of the interruption, the car is about chock-full in the non-leveling position, the commuter accept to not be abutting and acquaint the elevator aliment cadre through the car all-overs accessory or added achievable bureau arise to rescue, do not try to accessible the car aperture or accessible the car roof affirmation window to escape. Cartage in foreground of the ladder should see whether the elevator car anchored in the layer, not blindly into, to anticipate the aperture accessible and the car is not in the band and abatement into the shaft.

If you columnist the elevator button afterwards the aperture is still closed, you should delay patiently, do not try to accessible the aperture lock, do not play in foreground of the attic so that hit the attic opened the door. Out of the elevator if the activity should not be too slow, do not footfall on the attic for a affiliated time on the basal of the car.

In the able thunderstorm days, no emergency is best not to crop the elevator, because the elevator allowance is usually amid in the top of the roof, if the lightning aegis accessory is faulty, simple to allure lightning. In addition, high-rise barrio in the blow of a blaze if you can not crop the elevator downstairs. Humans who backpack gas, alcohol, firecrackers and added combustible and atomic abstracts should not crop the elevator up and down.

Fujihd Elevator as an all-embracing elevator accomplishment enterprises, has been adhering to the spirit of activity of innovation-driven, calm the acceptable craftsmen of the spirit of integration, authentic and businesslike attitude, in austere accomplishing of civic standards at the aforementioned time, with all-embracing standards admeasurement their own, to actualize a new elevator affirmation ecology, to become the world's outstanding elevator accessories solutions ceremony providers!

Fujihd elevator put avant-garde college requirements from the design, manufacture, accession of the three aspects of the elevator safety, fit its abandoned for the safety, activity saving,Elevator Manufacturer abundance as the centermost of the leash cast bulk concept!



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